Sunday, August 30, 2009

Window Decor

Materials : Colour light weight papers (Tissue paper or tracking paper) and glue
Duration : 1 hour
Pattern source : Inspiration from Japanese Catalogue book "Couturier"

Comment : Just a really simple paper crafts for window decorations. You could made it in any size and colours to decor your window.
Instruction available at my main blog :

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Recycled Paper Pencils

Materials : Recycled paper cut out from magazine or newspaper, 2mm pencil lead, glue, cutter, scissors and rhinestone for decoration.
Duration : 1 day.
Pattern source : My own from inspiration from Etsy's supplies shop.
Comment :
Just another simple, relax and fun recycled project to do. It's like a try and error start up for me to do this project. I was so afraid that it will fail me. However, the end result is so good and I just love the pencils. The texture is so great with the colours and words from the paper. It could be used as well and I'm actually started to use it for writing. If you are interested to make one for your own, just try it out, I have the instruction written in my main blog.