Friday, June 30, 2006

Lace collar blouse

Materials : Old late 80's style long sleeves and baggy blouse
Project duration : 2 days

Comments : This was another project for Wardrobe Refashion 06, my third week's project. It was originally a baggy, long sleeves and up to hip lenght blouse. What I've done on it were to cut off the access fabrics on all the side seams, shorten the length, added in waist darts on both front and back pieces and reshaped the sleeve to 3/4 length princess sleeves. Finally this is how it looks like. I'm satisfy with the outcome, at least it still wearable after the reconstruction.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Satin A-line skirt

Material : Old long ankle length satin A-line skirt
Project start : 16th June 2006
Project end : 17th June 2006
Pattern source : Based on previous A-Line skirt pattern that I've drawn

Comments : This is my second attempt on reconstruction of my old garments. I've slash the top portion of the skirt to knee length, adjust the waist to my measurement, added in waist darts and lining. It's a waist-bandless skirt, I prefer this type of skirt as it's more comfortable to wear. The fabric is very light and silky soft to touch, like the feel when wearing and it fitted me very well.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Feather scarf

Yarn : Peruvian Baby Silk in Seashell pink, used 2 1/2 balls
Needle : 3mm circular
Project start : 19th May, 2006
Project end : 09th June, 2006
Pattern source : Yarn Market (Free)

Comments : I made this scarf for my sister as her belated birthday gift. She'll be travelled to UK at the end of year, so she might need something warm around her neck and this is just nice for this purpose. It's just a simple scarf with feather lace pattern on it and it's soft and warm to wear.

70's flower print top

Material used :70's flower print cotton and black satin bias tape for binding around the collar.
Pattern source : Japanese pattern magazine "Female" Summer 2005.
Project duration : 2 days
Date finished : 15.06.06

Comments : This is made for sew-i-knit as well as for wardrobe refahion 06. Not a difficult project to do. The only drawback on this project is the sleeve area where it is kind of tedius to do the finishing work on the sleeve curve. It's a light top to wear and suitable to be wear on our hot and humid weather here.