Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knitty - Bob

Yarn : Elann - Enless summer collection Connemara in the shade of Rich Creme (100% Mercerised and gassed cotton)
Needle : 4.5mm bamboo
Project start : 25th October, 2006
Project end : 10th November, 2006
Pattern source : Free pattern from Spring 04 Knitty - "Bob"

Comments : A very simple and relex knit, it only took me 2 weeks to finish prior blocking. Another week to block and seam. The finished Bob seem abit heavy and thick to wear. However, cotton yarn gave a merit to wear in hot climate here and I could wear it to places with full cool air conditional but I doubt to wear it under the sun, it surely will make me sweat if doing so. Very satify with the outcome, it fits me quite well.

Monday, November 13, 2006

V-neck floral top

Project start : 10th November, 2006
Project end : 12th November, 2006
Pattern source : My Own

Comments : I drafted this pattern myself based on a blouse that I saw from a Japanese magazine. It's very similar to "Grace", a Knitty pattern that I had knitted and I like this pattern, a simple and easy to match top. So, I do it in fabric instead of knit. I used left over fabric for this project, thus no cost at all and it's a good way to reduce my left over fabric stash. I intend to do more of such similar project, will draft my own pattern based on some pictures I saw from magazine and it'll be a great challenge for me.