Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Knitty - Spring Fling

Yarn : Recycled yarn, 6 ply cotton
Project start : 23 November, 2006
Project end : 22 January, 2007
Needle : 3 & 3.5mm circular
Project source : Knitty pattern, Summer 05 issue, Spring Fling

Modification : The gauge of the yarn is smaller than the instruction call for, to compensate the differences in tension, I did it in size L and it come out just nice to fit me.
Comments : This is another recycled yarns knitting project and I only used half of the yarns. The remaining half of it will reserve for other project, but I don't have any project idea yet. So will just keep it. This is a very easy and relax knit. The pattern is very casual and easily to mix and match with other outfit.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Poster of crocheted doily

Yarn : Minlon Acrylic crochet yarn
Needle : 1. 25mm steel crochet hook
Project start : 26 December, 2006
Project end : 02 January, 2007
Pattern source : From a crochet pattern book that I borrow from library sometimes ago.

Comment : The purpose of doing this project is to reduce the left over yarn and fabric in my stash, meantime it could be used for displaying on the shelve to add some interesting view to the room. A very simple and interesting project to do.