Sunday, November 27, 2005

Floral skirt

Material used : Floral print cotton for skirt and polyester lining
Project start : 18th November, 2005
Project end : 24th November, 2005
Pattern : My own

Comments : A floral print cotton fabric that left over from a sundress that I made few years back. It's just enough for me to do this skirt. It's a simple A-Line skirt that I've added in some body to make it abit fluffy when wearing. Very simple and fast sewing, will do some more if I found nice print cotton to work on in future.

Front folded pleats A-Line skirt

Material used : Rayon for skirt and Polyester for lining
Project start : 18th November, 2005
Project end : 24th November, 2005
Pattern : My own

Commets : This skirt was sewn based on A-line pattern that I drawn myself, made adjustment at the front portion to add in folded pleats on the left and right side. Those pleats are folded toward the middle of the skirt and started from the hip area, they're not so visuable in the picture cause the based of the skirt is black colour. I made it longer as I'll be wearing it most to the office.

Note book cover # 1

Material used : Left over linen from curtain, embroidered on DMC floss colour no : 452 for tree motive in chain stitches , inner lining with dark brown poly cotton and button from old Bennetton jacket (Spare button on the garment)
Project start : 6th November, 2005

Project end : 24th November, 2005
Pattern : My own

comments :
This is mainly a recycled project, I reclycled all the items on it. The notebook is made of those cut out computer print paper that I obtained from office. They're too many of them and it's such a waste to throw. Instead of throwing, it gives me an idea to do note book out of them. But it's abit plain if just a simple notebook, so I've this cover to make it look more lifely. I used left over linen to embroider some simple motive on it and sewn it up with poly cotton as inner part to cover the loose end. It's a fast project to do, I actually just took 3 evening to finish it. And more other motives cover will come later.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

2 + 1 red heart hi-fi set

Yarn : Minlon crochet yarn "Polly"
Date started : 20th August 2005

Needle : 2/0 steel crochet hook
Pattern source : Cotton Friend Spring 2005 issue

Comments :
The pattern given in ther magazine called for single crochet of square sampler, I multiply the number of squares to make for this hi-fi set. It consists of 1 big rectangle of 6 squares, 2 big square of 4 squares joined together by slip stitches. I added in picot edging to make the finish object rather more interesting to look at.