Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Scallop top

Yarn : Minlon Mohair (Acrylic)
Needle : 4.5mm bamboo straight
Project start : 26th November, 2005
Project end : 01st January, 2006
Pattern source : Chinese compact pattern book (Translated from Japanese book)

Technique learn : Scallop stitch (Twisted twice on needle when knitting and drop those stitches on next round to the right needle, passed back to the left needle, knit 5 stitches together to form scallop stitch)

Comments : Easy and fast knit, very light to wear as well and I love the pattern and colour as well.


Blogger Christine said...

Nice. Is the acrylic mohair itchy? I know the natural stuff is supposed to be...

10:45 AM  

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