Friday, August 24, 2007

Trio earring

Material : Oval shape Jasper, headpin, o-ring and earring hook
Project duration : 1 day (Start and end on 21 Aug, 2007)
Project idea : My own

Comment : Just get very obsessive with earrings recently and made this simple yet nice to wear earrings. Nothing fancy, just 3 oval shape Jasper join with headpin in various length and then connect to the earring hook with a o-ring. Just love how it turn out and it drape very lovely when wearing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Green earring

Material : Jasper in green shade, white quartz and bronze earring hook, o-ring and headpin.
Project duration : 1 day (Start and finished on 17 Aug, 2007)
Project idea : My own
Comment : Fist timer in earring making, just a very simple pattern to join some oval shape Jasper in green shade with a headpin and then connect to the earring hook with the o-ring. Easy to make and it just nice for any occasion.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Simple Jasper Bracelet

Material : Small round Jasper, dark brown seed bead and fish net thread
Project duration : 1 day finished on 11.08.07
Project idea : My own
Comments : A very simple bracelet for mum. I made it from Jasper and seed beads by threading all the beads in fish net thread.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Tia - Variegated Vest

Yarn : Sonata in the shade of Wine and Rio
Needle : 3.5mm and 4mm circular
Project start : 09 May 2007
Project end : 05 August 2007
Pattern source : Free pattern from Berroco, Tia
Changes made : I lengthen the bottom by added in 2" of knittings.
Comments : A very easy and relex knitting. First knit in variegated yarn and feel very excited everytimes the colours of yarns make up result while knitting. It's simple and could be match with any tops and guess I'll wear it to work mostly.