Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Beaded Purse

Materials used : Cordoroy outer layer and batik for the inner layer. Embroidered with glass beads.
Project start and end : 24th Dec, 2005
Pattern source : My own

Comments : A small Christmas gift for my SIL. My first time doing purse and beads embroidery. Not a very good finished work on beads embroidery, I planned to do them in straight line but at the end they turn out twisted abit. Anyway, I'm quite satisfy with the outcome.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Brownie Bear

Yarn : Leftover from other projects
Needle : Crochet hook no : 4/0 steel
Project start and end : 10th December, 2005
Pattern source : Japanese sewing magazine 2001 Autumn issue

Comments : Fast and cute projects, it'll be a nice Christmas gifts to give away. My first attempt to do toy, and it turned out nice and I'm satisfy with it. Will make few more with other attire.

Changes made : I used button to make eyes for the bear and so for it's nose, they're all button. And I added in eyebrow so that it's facial wouldn't be so plain.

Cabled Cardigan

Yarn : Minlon 100% Acrylic
Needle : 3.5mm & 4.0mm Circular
Project start : 06-10-2005
Project end : 9-12-2005
Pattern source :
Free pattern from Kertzer
Technique learn : Knitting in cables plus open work pattern

Comments : Not a hard project although those cables and open work pattern seem intricated to knit. The only fall back was it's slow and kind of boring to knit and it has took me 2 months to finish. This pattern required only little blocking and thus made it easy for me as I don't like blocking. It's warm to wear and not suitable for humid weather here.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Note book cover #2

Material used : Left over linen from curtain, embroidered with DMC floss no : 453 and 776, inner lining with dusty pink poly cotton and 1 unit shell button.
Stitches used : Stem, Chain stitches and French knot.
Project start : 25th November, 2005
Project end : 3rd December, 2005
Pattern : My own

Comments : A second notebook cover in flower motive. Doesn't look much like flower but I really have no idea what should it be called, so just called it flower. This notebook is meant for myself and I'll be using it for sketching any crafty idea come on mind. This is my first time stitching on french knot and it doesn't seem that neat on the book cover, mayb I didn't pull it tide enough when forming the knot, must try to pull harder next time. ;)