Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Cable and lace shell

Yarn : Minlon 100% Acrylic
Needle : 3.5mm and 4mm Aluminium Circular
Project start : 05th September, 2005
Project end : 23rd September, 2005

Pattern source : Free pattern from Kertzer

Technique learn :
1) Lace pattern knitting
2) Turtleneck forming

Comments :

This shell is easy and quick to knit, I only used 3 weeks to finish it. Although it seem tough and complicated on the cable and lace panel, but as I knit it, it's actually pretty easy to knit as long as you don't miss any of the pattern lines. The colour that I choose was suitable for this shell as well, I like blue. The size that I knitted for this shell seem abit larger to fit in me, however I'm satisfied on it's outcome, at least it's more comfortable and airy to wear. There is a matching cardigan for this shell, haven't cast on for it yet, guess I'll do it this weekend.

Changes made :
1) Extended another 1 1/2" on the armhole.

Crocheted rug

Materials used : T-shirt yarn obtained from garment cut out selvedge
Project start and end : 16th September, 2005
Project source : Crochet Me online magazine of Jun/July Issue


This was a DIY rug yarn, I used the garment cut out selvedge from T-Shirt to form 1/2" stripes, join and pull them to form rug yarn to crochet. This is a very cheap and fast project to do, I only used 4 hours to finish it, it's cute and just nice for bathroom mat. I'll do more in other colourway.

Cabled Shrug

Yarn : Minlon 100% Acrylic in White colour
Needle : 3.75mm Aluminium Straight and 4.00mm Aluminium Circular
Project start : 06th August 2005
Project end : 17th August 2005
Pattern source :
Interweave staff project for Summer

Techniques learn :
1) Cable knitting
2) Single rib knitting and
3) Kitchener stitches joining.

Comments :
Never thought that cable knitting could be so exciting, it's so amazed that I could knit cable. At the begining this project give me an hard time to understand how this is to be knitted and construct together, anyway as I knit along, it just went thru smoothly and I don't face much problem on it. The only problem that I encountered from this project was on the neckline shapping. When I came to this area, it seem that I'm on the other way round of the instruction given, therefore I tried to switch the method of forming the neckline on the opposite direction. It's a fast project and a very feminine outfit.

Changes made:
No changes was done on this project

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Silk Satin Blouse

Material used : Silk satin in light blue
Project start : 02nd July, 2005
Project end : 09th July, 2005
Source of pattern : Burda April 05 issue

Comments :
First project sewn using the new sewing machine that I bought after moved in to the apartment. Never use an electrical sewing machine before and not very use to this type of sewing machine. I'm more to the conventional manual sewing machine that my mother owned, however I only be managed to buy portable electrical sewing machine from one of the Hyper Market in town, maybe I'll look for the manual type later on from Singer.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Eyelet Pullover

Yarn : Minlon 100% acrylic
Needle : 3.5mm aluminium circular
Project start : Mid June 2005
Project end : 17th August, 2005
Source of pattern : Free pattern from Elann

Technique learn :
1) Eyelet knitting
2) Raglan sleeves

Comments :

First time knitting in eyelet pattern, this pullover is a great learning ground for beginner on eyelet and raglan pattern. It's easy and a straight forward knit and fast to knit as well. The problem that I encountered in this pullover was on the edging of slip stitches crochet, it made the collar and armhole to be tide to wear. I ripped it off and replace it with single crochet and thus more comfortable to wear and it fitted me quite well.
Changes made on pattern :
1) Extended few rows before raglan shapping so that the eyelets will form at the center of the pullover.
2) Replace single crochet over slip stitches on all the edging.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Yarn : Minlon Mohair - 100% acrylic (2 strands hold together)
Needle : 4.5 & 5.1mm bamboo straight
Project start : Mid May 2005
Project end : Mid June 2005

Source of pattern : Free pattern from Knitty - Grace

Technique learn :
1) Increase & decrease of stitches
2) Stockinette and garter stitches
3) Pick up stitches along neckline and armhole area
4) How to cast on and cast off
5) All those basic knitting.

Comments :
This is my very first knitted object. I'm a self thought knitter, and really have some hard time to figure out what is stockinette and garter stitches when I first read the instructions. Anyhow, I still continue to try on knitting by using one of the basic knitting and crochet book that I bought many many years ago during my teenages time. This book give a very clear explanation and illustrations on all those basics that I needed to start as a beginner. I got hard time to get the correct gauge as stated in the instrution as well, tried many times and uses all difference size of needles but still couldn't get it. Tried to use 2 strands of yarn after I read some of the knitters method in their blog and volah!! I got it this time. It's fast and easy to knit, and I only finished it in a month, pretty fast for me as a beginner. And it look great as well.

Changes made :
1) Extended the length of the top by 2"
2) Put in extra stitches along the armhole, 44 stitches each.