Friday, June 22, 2007

Knitted ring brooch

Materials : Variegated yarn, glass beads and scrap fabric.
Project duration : 1 week for the knitted ring and 1 day for the brooch.
Project finished : 21st June, 2007
Project idea : My own

Comment : I used the weaving tool that I bought to make a knitted cord. But what can I do with this long cord? Then came an idea to use it to make a brooch like what I had done in the picture. It's just a simple brooch with just twisted the cord to form a flower, added in scrap fabric and glass beads. Not very satisfy with the outcome, I'll add in maybe lace to make it more interesting later.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Turquoise bracelet

Materials : Turquoise in 2 sizes, bead cap, ring hook and blue quartz.

Project duration : 1 days (begin and end on 16.06.07)
Project idea : My own

Comments : A simple bead design for the first time like me. It's just made from few turquoise connected to sterling bead cap and then join it together by ring hook and I added in blue quartz in between of them. I faced difficulty making the twisted round hook at the end of the stone and I guess practise make perfect. Therefore I will make more jewelry to practise my skill.