Monday, February 26, 2007

Patchwork pillow case

Material : Scrap fabrics in cotton and poly-cotton
Project start : Early 2005
Project end : 23th Feb, 2007
Pattern source : Canada Weekly Women magazine

Comments : It was supposed to be a twin size bedspread, but I couldn't be able to finish it and the project has been dragged for many years. Instead of just leaving it around at the shelve, I decided to change it to a pillow case and it came out just nice to fit one of the floor pillow that I have.

Version III bag

Materials : Yarn-Minlon Cool, Handle-Vintage curtain fabric and scrap plastic sheet, Inter lining-Plain cotton from Ikea
Project start : Mid Nov 2006
Project end : 23th Feb, 2007
Pattern source : My own

Comments : This is the Version III of those garter stitch bag that I done before. This round I did the body in 2 x 2 ribbings instead of garter stitch. As for the handle, I replaced the cardboard with scrap plastic sheet. It's a very spacious storage bag and I like it alot.