Monday, April 10, 2006

Green crochet top

Yarn : Recycled yarn frogged from cardigan (50% cotton/50% rayon as per label stated)
Needle : 5/0 steel crochet hook and 3.5mm knitting needle for ribbing
Project start : 10th March, 2006
Project end : 7th April, 2006
Pattern source : Pretty girl knitted top (Chinese), same pattern book as scallop stitches top.

Comments : This is a very fast project to do, I finished it in just a month time. I like the feel of this recycled yarn, though it's not as soft as the one that I used for vintage 70's top but yet it's cool to be wear. And I like the colour, the green colour just matches the pattern and it make it so unique. It's great to use recycled yarns sometimes, they are cheap compared to new one. For this project, it just costs me RM15.00!! For such an amount of money, I can't get even one ball of yarn in Malaysia, it's really worth to frog (For my cases only, others might not agree.) I enjoy the knitting progress more than to knit in luxurious yarns, I can knit in any type of yarn, provided I got the right pattern for it. Guess I'll headed to reject shop more to look for any cardigan or pullover to be frogged for it's yarn in future.


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