Friday, September 15, 2006

Wool cap sleeve jacket

This is how the sweater looks like originally

After modification

Project start : 25th Aug, 2006
Project end : 8th Sep, 2006
Pattern source : My own reconstruction pattern
Modification done : On the collar, sleeve and front opening using cotton fabric.
Comments : This was a wool sweater that I bought many many years ago, it has been too small to fit into me and the colour is kind of washed out and faded, yet I still like it. Just couldn't give this away, therefore I did some modificatoins in order for it to fit into me again. I chopped off the collar band and sleeves, slash the middle front open, add in 3" front band on both sides, redraft a cap sleeve and add in bias band on the collar. Lastly this cap sleeve front opening jacket was born.