Monday, September 26, 2005

Eyelet Pullover

Yarn : Minlon 100% acrylic
Needle : 3.5mm aluminium circular
Project start : Mid June 2005
Project end : 17th August, 2005
Source of pattern : Free pattern from Elann

Technique learn :
1) Eyelet knitting
2) Raglan sleeves

Comments :

First time knitting in eyelet pattern, this pullover is a great learning ground for beginner on eyelet and raglan pattern. It's easy and a straight forward knit and fast to knit as well. The problem that I encountered in this pullover was on the edging of slip stitches crochet, it made the collar and armhole to be tide to wear. I ripped it off and replace it with single crochet and thus more comfortable to wear and it fitted me quite well.
Changes made on pattern :
1) Extended few rows before raglan shapping so that the eyelets will form at the center of the pullover.
2) Replace single crochet over slip stitches on all the edging.


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