Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wrap Cardigan

Material : Sonata in the shade of becan.
Needle : 4mm circular
Project start and end : Begin on Mar and end on Oct
Project source : From one of my Chinese pattern book

Comment : This project has taken me so long to finish. The yarn knitted out quite heavy and it seeem that it is a bit too long too. Anyway I'm still quite happy with the result.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nail Enamel Flower

Materials : Nail enamel, 0.3mm wire, artificial flower stigma and colour masking tape
Project start : 11th October, 2007
Project end : 14th October, 2007
Project idea : My own based on the inspiration from a Chinese DIY magazine.

Comment : This is a very interesting project to do. It uses nail enamel to make the flower petal and you can use your unwanted expired nail enamel instead of just throwing them all away. The nail enamel also make a very delicated flower, it looks very like a stain glass. If you want to make one, just refer to my other blog entry of FO : Flower and tutorial.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hygiene Purse

Material : Left over fabric from other project
Duration : 1 day (start and finished on 25.09.07)
Source of pattern : My own

Comment : Just an idea to make a purse to hold the sanitary pads that I'll be going to put in my handbag to carry along in case I need one. I always found difficulty to get a nice bag or case to put this in and I just chuck all of them in one of the pocket available in the handbag, this has given problem if my handbag don't have any pocket. Therefore I made this one to overcome my problem.